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Olde South Limited is dedicated to providing top quality merchandise and complete customer satisfaction. Our products embody the spirit of the Old South and the heritage that comes with it. This assortment of items will appeal to all proud Southerners.

We offer two colorful check series, each with four different designs. The Legends series showcases prominent Southern heroes and heroins from our past. The Flag series features the most notable and prominent flags used during the war years and still proudly recognized as symbols of our southern traditions.

Additionally, an awesome array of "Peel and Stick" labels, custom designed for the personal touch is a "Must Have".

View these and others of our vast products inventory. We constantly add exciting items to this site. We carry only high quality themed merchandise - - - nothing vain nor demeaning to our glorious Southern Heritage.

Our products make gift giving a pleasure and creates pride in both the giver and the recipient.

A portion of every sale benefits the preservation of Southern Heritage.

Thank you for visiting us.